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About Us


VITAL GLOVE  is a Malaysian Egyptian collaboration which operating medical gloves manufacturing facility located in one of the most important and dynamic manufacturing zones in Egypt, our objective is to cover the surging demand in the local market and be one of the leading medical latex and nitrile gloves manufacturers in Egypt, Middle East and Africa.

We are seeking to expand our leadership beyond globally with our highly efficient expert team, our latest production technology, massive production capacity from different gloves sizes along with our highest materials quality & quality control system.

At VITAL GLOVE we care about protecting you and remain committed to managing our business in a way that respects the customer and contributes positively to our community, that comes by providing the highest product quality and efficient services. You can always rely on our team to help you identify and select the most appropriate for you.

Our Vision

We are a freshly formed firm with strong ambitions and a clear mission to become the market leader in high-quality different types of medical gloves.

Our aim is to be the first leading partner in the Middle East and Africa in the production of medical gloves.

We strive to create an atmosphere that brings out the best in each of our employees industry-leading growth and profitability, as well as critical mass, to ensure our business's success.

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Our Mission

Vital Glove mission is to provide innovative safety solution in a trustworthy and dependable manner, contributing in developing more protective world.

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Our Values

Our six corporate values are at the heart of everything we do:

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