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What you should know ?

Before using medical gloves

Before using medical gloves.jpg
  • Wash your hands before putting on sterile gloves.

  • Make sure your gloves fit properly for you to wear them comfortably during all patient care activities.

  • Some people are allergic to the natural rubber latex used in some medical gloves. FDA requires manufacturers to identify on the package labeling the materials used to make the gloves. If you or your patient is allergic to natural rubber latex, you should choose gloves made from other synthetic materials (such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nitrile, or polyurethane).

  • Be aware that sharp objects can puncture medical gloves.

  • Always change your gloves if they rip or tear.

  • After removing gloves, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.

  • Never reuse medical gloves.

  • Never wash or disinfect medical gloves.

  • Never share medical gloves with other users.

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